Payments and Donations

We can now accept Credit Card and Interact E-Transfers for Payments and Donations.

CLICK HERE for Payments & Donations

This is an easy way to allow extended family to contribute directly to a individual's Camper's fees or to contribute to Camp Camino through Sacred Heart Parish, Lanark, ON.

Please Note: tax receipts may NOT be issued if you contribute towards a family (or extended family) member. Tax receipts will be issued for other donations greater than $20.-

How can I reduce
camp cost?

Apply to:

Canadian Tire Jumpstart program

Jumpstart Information:
Payee: Camp Camino
Mailing Address:
Camp Camino
c/o Pat Neumann
244 Black Lake Rd.
Perth, ON K7H 3C5

Local Sponsorship:

Ask your CWL, Knights of Columbus and your Parish if they would contribute to sending you to (and supporting) a Catholic girls camp.

Bake sale, car wash, yard work, host a parish breakfast, ask your Grandparents, etc.

Google: Ontario Summer Camp Subsidy
for additional ideas.

Spiritual Support

Help support us through prayer with a Spiritual Bouquet or Mass Intention.

"I went to camp for six years: four as a camper and two as a team leader. They were a huge highlight of my summers. They helped me get out of my shell, because I was pretty shy, and grow in my faith. So many memories and friendships were made, especially when we got to dress up for a theme. If you are thinking of going, GO!!! You won't regret it! We need more leaders in our culture and you are made to be a GREAT one"

God bless!
-Claire Brady